Welcome to my homepage!!

1 What is Gyouseishoshi?

I am Yasuhiro Araki chief of this office. Please let me introduce myself and my office.
I am working as Gyouseishoshi in Chiba. Gyouseishoshi is a license for making law documents and doing law related consulting. Gyouseishoshi can do most of law related works but cannot do registration work nor go to court and represent client. These works are for Shihoushoshi and for lawyer.

2 What my office can do.

My office majors in three types of works.

① Visa works

As you know, foreign people need to get visa to work, to marry, to study, etc in Japan. Also if you change the job you need to change visa. Needless to say visa is very important to stay in Japan. But it is little difficult for foreign people. My office will support you making visa documents. After getting visa, my office will support your life in Japan from point of law.

② Establishing companies

If you want to establish a company in Japan you have to make many documents to hand in to the government. Also the documents differ in what kind of company you establish. My office will support making documents.
After you establish a company you have to join pension, social insurance and worker's insurance. My office can do the procedure for them too.

③ Supporting consumers

My office also does works for consumers. These days Japanese government is making new laws for consumers and they are really useful. If you have trouble before and after purchasing please let me know. I would like to be of help.
My office majors in law works above. But it does not mean we cannot do other law works. If you have trouble or problem please let us know.

3 For clients

I have lived in Rome for about three years and I know how difficult it is to live in foreign country without someone's support. I would like to support you and make your life in Japan comfortable. If you have some trouble let us know, we will do our best to solve the problem. Office hour is 8:00AM to 18:00PM, but my mobile phone is always available. Whenever you have trouble call me.